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Tyler Jensen 


               Tyler Jensen, a Brooklyn-based filmmaker, is renowned for his distinctive approach to crafting award-winning documentaries and music videos. Fueled by a deep passion for horror films and dance music, he intricately weaves gripping atmospheres and irresistible rhythms into his projects, captivating audiences worldwide.

              Tyler's talent for authentically capturing the essence of his subjects sets him apart in the non-fiction industry. Notable among his works is Scream, Queen! My Nightmare On Elm Street, a 2020 Dorian Award-winning feature documentary that intimately explores the life of actor Mark Patton. Additionally, his editing contributions to Our Son, a 2024 GLAAD-nominated film starring Billy Porter and Luke Evans, have garnered critical acclaim.

              Beyond his filmography, Tyler has directed an array of compelling music videos for esteemed artists like Bright Light Bright Light, Matracia, The Carry Nation, and CHVRCHES.  With his distinct storytelling and innovative approach, Tyler Jensen continuously pushes boundaries, leaving a lasting impact on both audiences and the filmmaking industry.


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